How to Create Relevant and Engaging Local SEO Reports

Getting positive local SEO results is the name of the game. But how do you share those results with your clients or manager? In this short but sweet course, local SEO consultant, Dani Owens, shows you what data to track, how to track it, and what tools to use to get your monthly reporting done in no time at all. 
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Why take this free local SEO course?

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Learn what data needs to be tracked 

Discover how to set up data tracking 

Uncover the tools you can use to share the data with clients

Find out how to save time on recurring local SEO reports

4 modules


3 quizzes



2 templates

Who is this free local SEO course for?

Anyone who handles monthly reporting, for their own business or their client's, and is looking to make the process quicker and easier. 
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Training course contents

Dani has been in the digital marketing field since 2011 and is the founder of private local SEO training community, PigzillaThroughout the six lessons in this course, she shares her expertise on how to make monthly reporting quicker and easier. 

What people think

This course is really insightful. I'm ready to start reporting to my clients with a much clearer perspective. Thanks, BrightLocal.Your courses are a must-have.

Lorena Pérez Rodríguez
Freelance SEO Manager
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Meet the Course Leader

Course leader

Dani Owens

Dani Owens, founder of Pigzilla, has been in the digital marketing space since 2011. Before starting her own local SEO company, she worked at a digital agency for five years, where she was able to gain a lot of enterprise SEO experience. From small, independent Mom-and-Pop shops, to enterprises with thousands of locations, Dani has years of experience strategizing and implementing reliable local SEO tactics that lead to increased organic traffic and conversions. She builds customized local SEO programs for each of her clients that are carefully designed to increase rankings, build website traffic, and get more phone calls, emails, and visits to their business. Recently she has begun to focus on local SEO training and mentorship.