How to Create Website Content for Local SEO

Want to create website content that will gain your business more visibility and convert more customers? Join local search expert, Claire Carlile Rees, as she shares her secrets for creating winning local content.
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Learn why content is important and what the common types of content are 

Discover how to use keyword research to inform your strategy

Understand what content to create for different areas of the marketing funnel

Find out what to include on different content pages to make them successful

8 modules

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Who is this course for?

This course will suit organizations and businesses looking to build out their understanding of local content strategy and on-page optimization with a local SEO focus. 
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Course contents

Claire shares step-by-step instructions on creating compelling content for gaining visibility in the search results and for moving potential customers through to conversion. 
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What people think

This kind of knowledge is useful for anyone who wishes to learn about SEO for free. It's also superior to certain paid courses.

David Palacios
Great information! I am already using it in my strategies with my clients. 

Danielle Cahoon
Claire Carlile is simply amazing. Her communication skills and clear advice is a MUST for anyone diving into local SEO. 

Lorena Pérez Rodríguez
Freelance SEO Manager

Meet the Course Leader

course leader

Claire Carlile Rees

Claire Carlile Rees has been working in digital marketing for over 20 years, primarily in the SEO and local SEO space. As a seasoned marketer and a small business owner herself, she understands both the opportunities and the threats of the small business digital environment. For the last 10 years, she’s been running her own business offering freelance SEO and digital marketing services to a range of small and medium-sized businesses both in the UK and abroad. She also offers bespoke training in SEO to individuals and small teams, and you’ll occasionally find her on stage speaking at SEO conferences and meet ups in the UK.