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How to Clean Up and Manage Local Business Listings

Created in collaboration with local SEO expert Claire Carlile, this course will help you to ensure that your local business listings are always accurate and up-to-date

How to Create, Optimize and Manage Google Business Profiles

Join local SEO expert Claire Carlile as she shares the best ways to claim, optimize, manage and maintain a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business). 

How to Create Website Content for Local SEO

Want to know how to create compelling website content that gains you visibility and converts customers? Get the lowdown on how in this short course from local search expert, Claire Carlile.

A Beginner's Guide to Generating and Managing Reviews

Want to know how to build an effective review management strategy or refine and feel more confident with your existing process? This course from SEO expert, Levi Williams-Clucas, is for you. 

How to Optimize Location Pages

Transform your location pages from average to awesome with local search expert, Claire Carlile.

How to Master Local Link Building

Curious about local link building but not sure where to start? Or maybe you just need to brush up on some of the basics to improve your efforts. Local search expert, Greg Gifford has got you covered in this course. 

A Beginner's Guide to Local SEO

Want to become great at local search? Join local SEO specialist and seasoned trainer, Greg Gifford, for this Beginner’s Guide to Local SEO course.

How to Create Relevant and Engaging Local SEO Reports

Looking to make your monthly local SEO reporting quicker and easier? Get the lowdown on how in this short course from local search expert, Dani Owens. 

How to Perform Local SEO Audits for Multi-location Businesses

Join Amanda Jordan as she talks you through the different elements of a local SEO audit for multi-location businesses and how to audit them successfully. 

How to Master Local Keyword Research

Master the art of local keyword research with this practical and in-depth course from local search expert, Claire Carlile.

How to Land Your First Local SEO Client

Learn how to position and market your agency to successfully win clients in this exclusive course from prominent industry expert Claire Carlile.

Level Up Your Local SEO with BrightLocal

Not sure where to start with BrightLocal? Want to uncover new insights in your data to improve results quicker? Then this is the course for you!  
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What people think

As someone who is new to the SEO world and BrightLocal, I found the BrightLocal Academy to be extremely informative as well as user friendly. The series of videos allows you to follow along in your profile to ensure you are proficient in all of the amazing features BrightLocal has to offer as well as testing your skills as you go along.
Search Engine Optimization Specialist at The Marketing Group USA
The training in BrightLocal Academy is truly world class. I would say it’s the best training I have received to date. Glad I came across this wonderful resource. Do yourself a favour and try out one of their courses; you won’t be disappointed.
Customer Path
I am new to this but tried to get my hands on any information I could gather on the topic of Local SEO. When I came across your academy by chance I couldn't get enough of it. Top notch courses with some of the most brilliant presenters. I feel more confident than ever about any subject at hand after attending the course.
GIS/LLPG Application Analyst
BrightLocal Academy is quite possibly the single most useful resource for learning about local SEO there is.
Lakeshore Local SEO
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