How to Master Service Page Optimization

Gather 'round, ambitious business owners and agency SEOs! This course is your golden opportunity to unlock the secrets of service page success. Join Emily Brady, as she goes beyond basic optimization and takes a closer look at what factors can turn a good service page into a great one. 
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Learn when to create a service page (and when not to)

Discover the best site structure for service pages

Find out how to create new service pages and improve existing ones that aren't performing

Determine success metrics for service pages and much, much more

11 modules

11 videos

10 quizzes




Who is this course for?

Agency SEOs and business owners who have a basic understanding of on-page SEO and rudimentary best practices, but want to take their service page strategy to a deeper level.
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Course contents

With step-by-step instructions on how to create and optimize service pages, and the ability to practice in real-time, this advanced course has it all. 
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What people think

This is the most comprehensive, in-depth, and useful information on service pages I've ever seen. 

I've really learned a lot and found some great new insights in this course on on-page optimization. As a Local SEO specialist, I'm excited to apply these strategies with my clients and see the positive changes. A big thanks to Emily Brady for creating this course and to BrightLocal for offering it for free. You guys have my full support – I'm a huge fan!

Roy Michael Yungco
I started SEO 8 years ago with very little knowledge of how on-page optimization works, and it has always been an area I struggle with. This course was very helpful for me. I now have a deeper understanding of service pages which will help me work more effectively with my web design team. 
Wendy Moon

Meet the Course Leader

course leader

Emily Brady

Emily Brady is an SEO expert with over a decade of experience specializing in Local SEO, On-Site Optimization, and Content. She had the immense privilege and pleasure of being community speaker at MozCon in 2022, and has worked in both agency and in-house environments. When not busy helping businesses succeed online, she can be found exploring used bookstores or haunting local coffee shops - or just chilling at home with her husband and their cat.